This was the first time I had travelled with Eddie in my short holiday with my family. Eddie is a expert guide was outstanding – passionate, informative, engaging and entertaining. The itinerary was very well thought out .Eddie was obviously at the heart of the itinerary planning, and attention to deI would highly recommend this anyone wanting a fun, relaxed, educational history about Crete.Thank you very much Eddie for a lovely day

Vasluianu Laurentiu / Facebook

Entertaining but informative tours! This is not your typical, dry history lesson; it is a fun-filled adventure that will leave you in stitches! Eddie is also great with children; they were laughing the entire time. Highly recommended if you want to learn more about Greece and it’s history, culture, and myth in a relatable way.!

Marveen Mizrachi / Facebook

This guy is amazing. I can honestly say, we had the best laughs, learned lots about the real Crete and made a friend. He’s so enthusiastic and he wanted to make sure we had a great time, which we did. Fantastic guy with a passion for what he does. We spent two days riding horses with him, on the beach and in the mountains, and another day touring beautiful Cretan villages, Zeus’s cave and the plateau. Basically, he took us to wherever we wanted to go. We then finished off with the most amazing meal in an fabulous taverna well away from all the tourists. We’ll be back Eddie! .

Cat SaintBoo Gray / Facebook